This is a space for Prince George and area to organize local support for those impacted by the war in Ukraine. 

We are here to help fill a need that we expect will grow as the war continues. 

Ways We Can Help

We can help in a number of ways. For example: 

Our volunteer organizers aim to match local resources with those in need of support.

We are ready to catalogue offers of support - whether those offers are housing, employment, essentials items or otherwise - and connect these offers to those who arrive in our region.

We, working with local professionals, exist to be a source of validated information around immigration and donation opportunities.

We also are here to help amplify the many local actions being taken to help show support, and provide assistance, to those fleeing the war in Ukraine and are happy to help connect / share information on local fundraisers and events.

Prince George residents ready to help those displaced gather at Prince George City Hall.

Classmate Solidarity Team Group Community Concept

Provide Support

Let us know how you would like to support Ukraine during this difficult time.

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Make a Donation

See how you can contribute to efforts through well-known fundraising organizations.

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Information & Resources

View our growing list of resources to contact your local MPs, view media coverage, and learn more about the ongoing war.